Tuesday 24 April 2012

Personal: Habibi Restaurant

I spent a few of my childhood years in the Middle East and went back in my gap year. There's something about the memory of smell and taste which is so much stronger than other things. My favourite food has always been stuffed courgettes and stuffed vine leaves, which always led to some funny looks when you're seven and another kid asks you about your favourite food! 

I've visited Habibi a few times and loved it every time. It is an oasis in a city, which if I'm honest, doesn't have the eatery options I'd like! Last night, Steve and I went there with friends of ours and we had a lovely evening of reclining by the fire, catching up and eating dish after dish of the most incredible food you could imagine. This place really is magical.

If that face looks familiar, it's because it's Jo, whose wedding I shot last September. I'm so glad that our paths crossed as they're such a lovely pair and good friends :)

In other news, we're going to see Romeo and Juliet in Arabic in Stratford on Monday - I think it'll be an experience worth having!

Much Love, R. x

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