Thursday 24 November 2011

Is it beautiful? Then I'll take it.

I love picking up my camera 'just because'; picturing something in my mind and actually making it happen. These edits are very different to the picture from this series I posted a little while back. That's something that I spend quite a lot of time thinking about these days - how a picture can turn into one thing from another. For these pictures - the ones that I shoot and edit just for fun, I have one priority. Create something that I find beautiful. Hopefully, you'll think they're beautiful too. 

If you're interested, I used VSCOfilm Fuji 160C on both of these.

Much love, R. x

p.s. this is post number 100 for me!

p.p.s. tomorrow look out for Rox and Mike's engagement session! :o)

Jo and Jon: Wedding

After a busy couple of weeks of editing, I'm back to the blogging :o) It's great being on top of things, because it means I can get down to all the bits of personal editing that I've been dying to do :o)

Jo and Jon's wedding was pretty special. They contacted me just a few weeks before their wedding and as soon as I met them I knew their wedding would be one I just had to be at. We were blessed with lovely weather for both their engagement shoot and wedding - you only know it's October due to the beautiful colour of the leaves!

Their wedding was a real reflection of them. We did the portraits before the ceremony, and both the ceremony and reception were held in their church, St. John's Westwood Heath. These two have so much love and warmth, for each other and for everyone around them, it was a real delight to document their wedding!

I think you'll find there's quite a lot of pictures in this post. Mainly because I couldn't choose! So much love and care has gone into this wedding, it was just beautiful - from all the details, the cake bar (I never seen a more beautiful selection of desserts in my life!) to the glow in the room as the sun went down and the candles created the most beautiful atmosphere. Enjoy!

I think we're getting married today!

This was also the first wedding where I got to bring Steve (my husband) to shoot with me! It made shooting a wedding that bit sweeter, and it certainly won't be the last time we shoot together. Living the dream :o)

Much Love, R. x