Wednesday 25 April 2012

A bit of colour for a dreary day

It's cold and a bit miserable. Today I'll be mainly doing things in our house and trying to keep warm. I'm doing a little admin on my photo archives and I'm coming across plenty of memories of warmer days :) Here's just one to cheer you up on this dreary day..

What do you do to keep warm and high spirited on wet weather days? I'm about to stick the kettle on.

Much love, R.x


  1. I put the kettle on, and snuggle under the covers with whatever needs doing. This morning, I filled in my marriage registration form and wrote thank you letters in cosy pjs, with a hoodie and my warm winter quilt (which unfortunately hasn't yet become a summer one!)

  2. That sounds perfect, Anna! I have too much housework to do to stay in bed but the minute I have more editing to do... :)


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