Monday 19 December 2011

Augusta and Harry: Love Shoot

Augusta and Harry were a real pleasure to photograph. I've been blessed with couples who are affectionate and so obviously in love with each other - it means the whole process of shooting and editing happens with a smile on my face :) Augusta and Harry got married a few months ago and they wanted to document their new life together (which is such a lovely idea!).

We set out a few weeks ago to the Saxon Mill - one of my favourite places to eat (I think I've already mentioned we had part of our wedding reception there!). Just over the bridge behind the restaurant is a very lovely landscape which is always changing. This time we were greeted by bright green grass, it was lovely.

After a little while we headed off on an adventure to find a new location. I must say, I have very little idea where it was and I couldn't find it again! The colours in the trees were truly lovely and all in all, we had a great time. Here are just a few of my favourites!

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