Friday 12 August 2011

A story about a picture

I love hearing about how other people came up with their 365 pictures, photo shoots, just about anything really! So here's the story behind one of mine. Today is an exceptionally grey day. It feels like summer is long gone. I heard the rain and my heart sank. I wanted to take a pretty 365 today - I wanted to go outside, take a walk, catch the light. Wasn't going to happen. I thought perhaps maybe I could take a picture of the rain on the window, I hadn't taken one like that before.

I got upstairs with my camera and I was disappointed. No lovely raindrops on the window - just grey skies and flat colours. That was the end of that idea then. And then I thought, sometimes you just have to make something happen. So I got a cup of water from the kitchen and I threw it on the window. Pretty raindrops manufactured by Rachel Tweeddale Photography. 

So that's what I've learned today: Sometimes you have to make your own rain ;o)

Have you got any stories of making something happen in order to get the picture you wanted?

Love, R. x


  1. Haha, such a good idea! I'd never have known it was a *fake*, as it were. Pretty, pretty colours :) xx
    PS - Check my LJ for some pretty pictures I took :D

  2. I love this!!!! Thanks so much for sharing. Great idea and great photo! :)

  3. I know this feeling only too well Rachel! I am desperate to do a sunset shot for a very special person that I will be doing a feature on my blog about soon, but the moment never seems to be right! I do have several 'fake' shots though in my 365, most recently the light in windows of my running shot ;) lol I love the colours in this one :)


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