Saturday 13 August 2011

Hello, Lucy

Today I met the wonderful Lucy of Lucy Stendall Photography. We met through the blogging world (which I think is great) and we finally got together in Loughborough today! Lucy is wonderful and ever so talented and a real encourager. If you don't know her, you should go over and say hello! I promise you'll fall in love with her lovely pictures. This is just a sneak peek. To be honest, I didn't take that many pictures today - more on that on Monday; but Lucy made a beautiful model and I almost squealed when I saw this frame on the back of my camera...

Isn't she lovely?

This was definitely a good Saturday. Love, R. x


  1. Oh Rachel, how lovely it was to meet you at last. You are a star...beautiful inside and out with such a talent for this photography lark xxx

  2. And thank you for this gorgeous photograph, I'll treasure it x

  3. I am IN LLOVE with this photo. Off to check her out now :) thanks, Rachel.

  4. Oh Lucy you look ethereal!

    Rachel this photo is perfection!

  5. It's a beautiful shot Rachel! Will check her out too x


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