Monday 6 June 2011

To do lists

I think most people have a love/hate relationship with their to do lists. Moving house and finishing my degree has certainly left me with the time to think about all the things that need to be done and all the things I would like to do. 

I'm not sure what it is about moving to a new place that fills my head with dreams and possibilities. I want our house to be a home, as cliched as that sounds. Now I have the time to start projects I have a few on the top of my list.

1. Make a sign for our bathroom. Our bathroom door doesn't have a lock so I have in mind a pretty little sign which you can flip to show 'engaged' or 'vacant'. I'm going to pin it to the door :o)

2. Make the spare bedroom into an office/bedroom. When we moved in, I needed a desk to revise on for a week. So we made a pathway through the junk to a desk by the window. I'm looking forward to personalising and sorting through the junk so this room will function. 

3. Try new recipes. These last few months of spending as little time preparing food as possible has left me starved of inspiration. So I'm going to try new things :o) starting with pea and mint soup tomorrow - it might even feature on the blog :o)


I think this will keep me going for a couple of days :o)
Love, R. x


  1. Yay for the home office! I can also relate to the lack of cooking inspiration in recent times. But things are looking up...tonight we had chicken, broccoli and mushroom bake and it was delish - want to start making a new dish a week and I think this bake might make it onto the repertoire nomnomnom...x

  2. Hey darling Rachel, the sign for your bathroom sounds like such a cuuuute idea! I love it :) I can just imagine it's going to be so pretty. And also - if you're going to start cooking new recipes and blogging about them - I'd be all for that :D I love when people blog about food :) It always inspires me to try whatever it is that they recommend :) haha. BIG HUGS!


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