Wednesday 8 June 2011

Pea Soup!

Yesterday was my dad's birthday and I went home for the evening :o) Happy Birthday Dad! I came home with pretty flowers from the garden and a couple of props for a photoshoot I'm planning... more on that on a later date!

This afternoon I made pea and mint soup for lunch :o) The recipe was from bbc goodfood - here's how I got on...

I think it's really tasty - I love the simply combination of pea and mint, it tastes so summery and fresh. I used frozen petit pois because I didn't feel like shelling peas all afternoon ;o)
Hope you're having a good week! Love, R. x


  1. YOUR LIFE IS AMAZING NOW. Just taking photos of all the amazing, beautiful things you do! Love the individual food shots, all in a row, so creative. Also, I spy a very pretty ribbon around your very pretty flower arrangement. Are these shots in your new kitchen? I'm so intrigued!
    And last, but certainly not least, lovely pictures of your Da, he looks so happy :)

  2. Yes! My life is amazing.. just wait til I tell you what photographical exploits I have planned! x

  3. Looks delicious. My husband makes a mean split pea soup but it's very USA... lotsa bacon. Not a bad thing but very different from the more fresh pea version. :D


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