Saturday, 4 June 2011

I made it!

Today I sat my last two exams.. I'm letting it sink in - no more late night reading preparing for a seminar, no more banging my head on the desk because I just want exams to be over. No more feeling like I should probably be doing something studious when I picked up my camera. There will be lots that I miss about university, most importantly the few people I spent most my time with - I'll miss seeing those faces all the time.

But for now, I have the summer to look forward to! I'll have the time to learn new things and get shooting as much as I possibly can! I thought I'd start by looking afresh at a picture I took a couple of months ago. Here I am, sat in the dark, editing to my heart's content :o) I'm here, photography, you have my attention now!

Much Love, R.


  1. wow big congrats Rachel and beautiful image have a great summer!

  2. Thanks, Kathy - I certainly feel like I've hit a milestone! x

  3. Hooray! Yay for you and yay for photo time xxx


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