Wednesday 25 May 2011

Days like these

Sometimes life can be frustrating. I think it's pretty common to experience what I'm experience. I am in the middle of some pretty massive exams and I just don't want to think anymore, I don't want to work any more. I'm tired and it's difficult to make yourself get back to your desk and just put in those last few hours. I often realise that it's not enough to be aware of what working hard might achieve. I know that if I put in many many hours into my degree I will get a much better result than if I watched tv all day every day. Yet, that doesn't mean that I am sat at my desk from noon til night every day of the week. It's not enough to have a goal. I won't behave rationally in my pursuit of that goal.

So what saves me from end endless cycle of laziness and disappointment? I have a Father who knows my every need and helps me to be the person I could never be on my own. My God, he encourages me to do my best, he helps me to have the discipline to put in the hours, he gives me the grace to not wallow in my mistakes and he picks me up and helps me start again when I have a bad day. So as I sat here, angry that I wasn't working as I should, I realised that all I need to get myself back to work is already there because he sustains me. So that's what I'll do.

Love R.

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