Wednesday 9 February 2011

I heart tuesdays

I don't have much time for photo taking these days which is why yesterday was so much fun. Hanging out with Rozi is my favourite and when the light is pretty it's hard to resist spending a few moments taking some pictures. When they work out like these did, it reminds me how much I love photography. I hope you're having a good week 



  1. Rozi has amaaaaazing skin and eyes! Love these Rachel.

    PS. I've been trying to email you, but can't find your contact details... lucystendall{at}hotmail{dot}com - drop me a line, lovely lady xxx

  2. Tell me about it! She is an incredible person to have in my life, for photography and everything else! Sent you an email just now :) love! x

  3. Very cool photos! Love the one of her pulling her tongue out!


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