Saturday 12 February 2011


I like that recently, I have made decisions that mean photography will not be out of my life any time soon. Photography is what I do for fun, and I've decided that shooting for fun is important. So today I grabbed a good friend of mine, Becca. I like Becca a lot. She is a beautiful person inside and out. Genuinely caring for people and a lot of fun to be with :o) I've been thinking about my post processing style a lot lately. I still haven't nailed it. So in the mean time a little experimentation is called for. I simply put these pictures through a polaroid generator - not very imaginative I know! I'll post my *slightly more effort put into* colour edits soon.

 I hope you are having an excellent weekend!



  1. She's a bit of alright I think! Very nice photos :) If these were 800x600 they'd fit really nicely on my kindle.

  2. Haha Luke, you mean you ditched Agatha?!


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