Monday 23 September 2013

Coventry Autumn Wedding: Lizzi and Stephan

I first met Lizzi and Stephan on an alpha course on Warwick campus. Lizzi and Stephan were both masters students and it seems a long time ago that they were drinking mulled wine in our living room a few weeks after we met. Seeing them join the church, get engaged and married has been nothing but a joy and I'm pretty sure I spent their entire wedding day with a smile glued to my face!

Liz and Stephan were also one of the first couples that I persuaded to do a portrait shoot with me - I remember a couple of my photographer friends commenting on how jealous they were that I got to shoot with such a beautiful couple. I think you'll be able to tell why ;)

I had never been to a dutch-english wedding before and the evening entertainment was hilarious! Everyone had so much fun! At the end of the evening, every lady at the wedding was given a rose to take home and having it on my kitchen window sill was such a happy reminder of this day!

The beautiful flowers were courtesy of The Flower Shop in Leamington - I picked Sally to do my own wedding flowers and haven't stopped recommending her since. The service was amazing and I never felt like she was taking me for a ride, which I felt with one or two other florists in the area. If you're getting married in Warwickshire then seriously consider this lady!

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