Tuesday 5 March 2013

Fine Art Albums

Right from the beginning of Rachel Tweeddale Photography I knew I wanted to offer beautiful albums. Whilst I love the flexibility that comes with offering digital packages, and the fact that you have a copy of so many beautiful photographs, nothing beats the story that a wedding album tells. 

I thought I'd let you into the process of designing an album for one of my lovely couples! I usually spend around two days designing an album. Once the album choices have been made by the couple, I sit down with the pictures and start to think about how they could best be put together. Sometimes I suggest a photo is added in or taken out, just depending on the design. 

Once I've designed an album initially, I'll send them over to the couple for approval. If we need to make any tweaks, I'll go back and make those changes before getting final approval. Once that's done, I'll send the designs to my album manufacturer who gets it made!

Here's a few pictures of a sample that I put together last year, along with a duplicate parent album. This album is 10" x 10" with 30 pages, and a 6" x 6" parent album.

Albums can be ordered as part of a wedding package, or ordered separately after the wedding. 

Look out for a lovely engagement shoot in the morning!

Much love, Rach x

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