Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Carley & Andy: Wedding

I remember meeting Carley & Andy just before Christmas in 2011. They told me all about their wedding in Carley's parents' garden and hearing about their summer wedding plans was the perfect antidote for the drizzly cold weather at the time. So I've decided to post their wedding now, when a good dose of sunshine can remind us that summer is coming again, even if it is a little way off ;)

One of my favourite things about Carley & Andy's wedding was the space they created at Carley's parents' house. It was so cleverly designed and was the perfect combination of rustic and pretty. I loved being able to shoot her perfume and shoes against the background of greenery and hay, it really was a dream :)

Carley & Andy looked after us so well, I remember leaving their wedding with a big smile on my face, thinking 'I love my job!'

Here are some of my favourites from their day :)

Have a wonderful week!

Much love, R. x

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  1. Such a picturesque church! And stunning reception, the attention to detail is insane. Beautiful photos as ever Rachy :) x


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