Tuesday 2 October 2012

Lois & Gareth: Norwood Park Wedding

I still remember Lois & Gareth's wedding very clearly. When they first booked I remember looking up Norwood Park and thinking it looked beautiful - it didn't prepare me for how lovely it was! Lois had told me snippets of what she was planning but again, it didn't prepare me for how much thought, time and skill had gone into all the decorative touches. Every corner we turned showcased new delights - a beautiful suite for Lois and her maids to get ready in, dining and ceremony rooms tastefully decorated and filled with light, and perhaps most loveliest of all - a courtyard filled with colourful bunting, cakes and a sweet table.

Lois and Gareth looked so good together - slightly non traditional yet very classic. I have definitely been won over by her gorgeous champagne dress and lace bolero! Everyone had such a great time at their wedding, including us of course! I nearly died when I realised that their first dance would be outside in the courtyard in the natural light! The food was delicious and we enjoyed every mouthful - especially the delicious trio of desserts! It was all so lovely. Lois & Gareth have been so kind and welcoming to steve and I right from the start - we felt so privileged to be a part of their day. Enjoy the highlights!

Much love, R. x

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