Thursday 30 August 2012

Wedding: Beth & Matt

The beginning of a new month (well nearly) marks a renewed effort to blog all the beautiful weddings that we've been shooting recently. I love to blog all the couples we shoot - everyone does everything so differently, each couple relate to each other differently and I haven't been to a wedding which I haven't loved. We went to Ireland for a couple of weeks (shooting a wedding in Belfast in the middle) and came home to leave for camping with our church pretty much immediately afterwards. The last couple of weeks I've been catching up with admin and spending most of my waking hours making sure that wedding images were delivered on time. We've got a busy weekend coming up, with two weddings to shoot and a wedding a week for the rest of September! It's exciting though, I've developed my workflow to make it so much more efficient and it's a day before the next set of weddings and I've got the time to blog because I'm all caught up. It feels good! What I'm trying to say, really, is that expect more on the blog from now on - I can't wait to show you what we've been up to!

First up is Beth and Matt. I knew from the time I met with them before their wedding that we'd have a really great day. They clearly care about each other so much, and it was a real honour to witness the beginning of their marriage! Severe weather warnings were issued and it was one of those crazy days when the sky went from blue to black in thirty seconds! Ushers were often on hand to gallantly offer their jackets to shield Beth from the rain!

We met up with Beth at her parents' house for some portraits before we whizzed through Birmingham to St. Stephen's Church, following Beth in the most gorgeous vintage white Bentley! Their wedding ceremony was full of so much joy and love - I loved every minute of it!

Their reception was held at the beautiful Edgbaston Golf Club - such a gorgeous venue! We dodged in and out of the rain (it REALLY came down during the speeches), but in no way did it spoil their day. Beth beamed all day, it was such a joy to photograph such a happy bride! I think after this epic write up, I should probably just show you some pictures! So here they are - congratulations Mr & Mrs B!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Much love, R. x

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