Tuesday 10 April 2012

Happy Thoughts

- Blue skies and white fluffy clouds.
- Lindt Gold Bunnies. Enough said really!
- New shoes. Today I bought new shoes for weddings and I love them already. They're so comfy and I can't wait to test them out! Even better, the make is 'Heavenly Shoes' which makes me smile in itself.
- Washing on the line. It's a little thing, but having washing on the line for the first time in a week is just so lovely!
- First wedding of the year on Saturday! I'm so excited about this one - I can't wait to get stuck into this season :) Coincidentally it means a bunch of lovely lenses will be arriving on Thursday which is always a treat!
- Lovely Insurance Companies. One of my lenses is away for repair and my insurance company are covering the cost of hiring it whilst I was away. They were friendly and clear, just what I need!

Have you had a lovely long weekend, is anything in particular making you smile this week?

Much Love, R.x

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  1. Your shoes and that font are making me smile :) xxx


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