Saturday, 8 October 2011

Happiness in a Jar

I'm not sure I should be this excited about a jar. But the thing is, ever since I started to plan our wedding I had my heart set on these aqua beauties. I just love everything about them. Today I was at the National Wedding Show with a friend getting married next year and some lovely ladies. I think we made quite the entourage! I must say, I didn't mind spending a day absorbing all the wedding prettiness! It really reminded me what a wonderful industry it is to work in - the creativity, the smiles and the chance to share in a day so full of happiness.

And then I spotted them. Two little rows of blue glass loveliness. I couldn't believe that something SO hard to get hold of could be sitting right in front of me! Now it's sitting in my house and don't be too surprised if I sneak it into every photoshoot from now on ;o)

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

Much love, R. x

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