Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Seven Minutes

Do you ever just feel like doing something, so much that you try and work out how you could possibly make it happen? I was walking along at about ten to six, this gorgeous light streaming through the trees. I just really really wanted to be taking pictures. So much, that I just picked up the phone and phoned a couple of good friends of mine. An hour until sunset, we still had time. At 18:35 we got to a pretty place close to us and spent about seven minutes taking pictures before it got too dark. Was it a crazy idea? A little bit. But I had so much fun we're going to do it properly tomorrow :o)

 Happy Tuesday!

Love, R. x


  1. Beautiful :) I went for a walk and noticed how stunning the light was this evening, had forgotten my camera though! Hopefully this sunny week will allow for more fabulous photos :)

  2. So sweet! They are really fun and playful shots.


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