Tuesday 13 September 2011

The Gentlemen mashup: some Tuesday fun!

Steve showed me this video this morning and it tickled me. These guys are so creative and importantly, so much fun! They are The Gentlemen! You can find them on facebook here :o)

In Coventry, it's a beautiful morning. It's meant to be a beautiful evening too! I can't wait to shoot an engagement shoot tonight! You'll be sure to see a sneak peek about 30 seconds after I've downloaded the images ;o)

Happy Tuesday!

Love, R. x


  1. Ahahahahaha! This is mega-jokes. I LOVE the Doctor Who stylings of course. And actually, it's just a well great song. :D

  2. Waheey, not heard from these folks for a while and have bin missing their music! Catching up on their mash-ups now.


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