Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Baddesley Clinton: Personal

My family have just moved to the Midlands from the Peak District and it's lovely to have them so close! My youngest sister starts sixth form on Friday so the four of us (Mum and three sisters) went to a stately home close to us, called Baddesley Clinton. It's gorgeous. Such a beautiful place. I joined the national trust again and I'm excited to visit other properties in the area! These places make such a beautiful location for a shoot. I just couldn't help but take a couple of pictures.

It's full of beautiful little corners for pictures!
I have the cutest sisters ever!
The windows were beautiful, and gave such gorgeous light to the pretty things inside.
I got pretty sad that the rabbits weren't allowed in, but apparently they eat everything!
There was treasure trove (aka book shop) filled with old books on every topic. I think this was one of my favourites! If I ever need to connect to an animal spirit I'll know where to go! haha!
She was just hanging around just waiting for me to take her picture :o)

 I'd love to shoot an engagement session here - there are just so many places to explore! Everything was just so perfect, I might even go back just to take some more pictures of the house and gardens!

It's half way to Friday!

Love, R. x


  1. Love these pics, especially the black and white photo!! I am one of four daughters and I am trying to persuade them to move to the Midlands too so strikes a bit of a chord with me :) Any tips on how to hurry their bums up let me know! x

  2. I LOVE Baddesley Clinton! It's been a while since I was last there but it's such an adorable place isn't it! I agree, you do have the cutest sisters!


  3. I agree, the national trust places are full of hidden corners and beauty! Captured beautifully!

  4. That duck is a beaut :) xx


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