Tuesday 16 August 2011

In Love: Joe and Sarah

Sarah and Joe live in Coventry and suggested that we go to the beautiful wheat fields behind the Saxon Mill for their shoot. I was in definite agreement - I love that place. Steve and I had some of our engagement pictures taken there and even some wedding pictures before our evening reception at the restaurant. It is such a gorgeous venue for a wedding, the food is amazing - the restaurant is stunning and the surroundings are beautiful!

The weather was more like autumn and instead of rows of golden wheat we got a somewhat barren landscape! Happily, Joe and Sarah were exceptionally well dressed for the occasion and I love how they are a burst of colour in each frame. Steve and I had such a lovely evening with these two and we're very much looking forward to doing it again sometime!

Sarah has chronic fatigue syndrome and so we wanted to include her wheelchair, which is a part of their lives.

If you'd like to book a love shoot or engagement shoot, please feel free to contact me - I'd love to get together for an hour or two to create some pictures you'll treasure!

Much Love, R. x


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