Friday 6 May 2011

A day at the Park: Part 2

Another familiar face here on the blog :o) I had a lot of fun taking these pictures and Becca was so patient whilst we stuck flowers and all sorts of other stuff in her hair!

 Part three will be hear soonish - here's a brief summary of what's going on in my life this next week or so!

I have to:
- finish my last essay to hand in next week
- start revision for my exams which start in a couple of weeks
- pack up the house ready to move next weekend(!)

I'm excited about moving, though it will be a lot of work! I'm looking forward to summertime when I can set up our new house and make things and buy things :o)

Love R.


  1. Have to say I am LOVING your blog - I like your style of photography, its really gentle and subtle (hmm two words ending in 'tle', dosen't read right but you know what I mean).

    Keep it up and can I keep you in mind for photo-shoot work? Sometimes people ask me randomly (mainly musicians..)


  2. BEAUTIFUL. The colours in these photos in particular make my heart happy xxx


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