Monday 18 April 2011

Sleeping Beauty

I wrote a lot of words today and now I've finished the two long essays I need to write. Just two short ones left. In light of my achievement I thought I'd treat myself to a blog post. Yep, this is how sad my life is right now! 

Steve and I were back in Derbyshire this weekend and it was LOVELY. I persuaded kate to lie on the floor and I love how peaceful she looks with pretty speckled light on her face.

This evening I got to spend some time editing - I took one shot and edited it several different ways, it was fun! I like clean and 'slightly better than reality' editing right now, but it's always fun to try out new things. Maybe I'll blog about it another day :o)

 Much love, R. 


  1. Hey Rachel! These are lovely and dreamy, and your post production looks fantastic. Spot on in my opinion!!


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