Tuesday 1 March 2011

Change feels good

This past week I got a lot done. Lately I've been chatting to God about my work ethic. I was getting tired of the fact that for as long as I can remember I've battled between a desire to do well, to do my best with my brain and the seeming inevitability of failure because I haven't put enough work in. I realised that I am not doomed to this cycle, that it isn't who I have to be any more and so I've changed. By his grace I can change. This last week has been a testament to this. I can't fault my attitude to work - I've worked hard. Now I'm tired. Yesterday was frustrating. I was beyond hope of productivity it seemed, and I decided to take the evening off. I'm going through a process of working out how much I need to rest and how much I can work, and it's a good process. I have the freedom to take thirty minutes out to take a picture and think about how I am today, and then I'll get back to it, and my day won't go so bad. 

I wanted to take a self-portrait today. I was feeling tired. I looked in the mirror and I surprised myself with how blinkered I looked. So I thought, now is a good time to take a self-portrait. I didn't want it to be  flattering, I just wanted it to be me, and reflect where I am today. 

I feel sober, I feel human. I feel hopeful and optimistic about the changes in my life in the past few days and I feel like getting on with it. 

I hope you've had a good week so far. Let me know how it's going 



  1. So true. We all need to make sure we leave enough time in our hectic lives to live as well as work.
    Great lighting and composition :)

  2. A beautiful self portrait, Rachel. And I can totally relate to everything you wrote in your post. <3


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