Wednesday 16 February 2011

Hannah Starkey

Rozi and I went to see a photography exhibition at Warwick Arts Centre the other week. The photographer in question was Hannah Starkey (see some of her work here). Her work is incredible - such beautiful photographs. I love looking at other people's work and wondering, how on earth did they do that? Some photographs happen almost as if by chance - everything comes together, the light simply works. What struck me about Hannah's work was that her photographs are so carefully constructed.

I was also inspired by her use of artificial lighting. I like natural light, a lot. I love it how it's never the same. That is also a curse. I was attracted to Hannah's control of the situation, and the marvellous way she plays with light in her photographs. If you ever get a chance to see her work displayed anywhere, take it!

Yesterday, the two of us (that would be me and Rozi again) went to McDonalds for lunch. This is not a regular occurrence for us (which is a good job, because our meals came in at a little over 1100 calories... yep, seriously). I thought before we left that it might be a good environment to try out some Hannah Starkey style photography and it turned out pretty cool. We got a fair number of odd looks but I think it was worth it. The last photo is of me(!), and the wonderful Rozi took it 

I'm not sure what it is about this first shot that I love so much, but I am seriously tempted to get it printed and mounted in a frame with a big white surround. Maybe I will.

I hope you're having a lovely week. We're halfway there already! 



  1. The first one of Rozi reminds me of the paintings by Edward Hopper ( even though your pic is much more colourful it has the same sort of feel to it :)

  2. I think you may have found yourself your new second shooter in Rozi, lovely photos x


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