Tuesday 11 January 2011

A Little Clarification

Yesterday I applied for a job. This is unusual for me. I can honestly say that this is the only graduate programme that I have remained excited about after looking further into it. It ticks all my boxes and I would genuinely be thrilled if I got a place. It's got me thinking about what God has in store for me. For a while now I've known that being a photographer full time wasn't on the cards for now.  I love photography more than ever but actually, I care about social justice more.

Every time I let my dreams run away with me I'm not traveling all over the world photographing weddings, I am somewhere, somehow making an impact on issues of social justice. I am paying attention to the people that society neglects. Back in the real world, I don't know where this leaves me. For a while now, nothing has jumped out at me. Photography sits there, steady in my mind as other ideas come and go. But now I have this glimmer. It might be that this job is not for me and that I have further yet to look, but maybe, just maybe it's where I'm meant to be.

This brings me on to another conclusion I have reached. Photography may not be my full time occupation, but I really hope it has a significant part to play in my future. I am excited about getting some more wedding practice and I really hope that eventually, I can shoot a few wonderful weddings a year without having to make a living from it. In my head right now, that sounds ideal.

A little while back I was staying with my cousins in the country. I got up early one frosty morning and took my camera. There is something magical about that time of day. I remember feeling as if what I was experiencing: the light through the trees and the sparkle on the ground was like a secret to be kept. I came inside smiling. The day was off to a lovely start.


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  1. Society is simply better for having you in it, Rach. I think you'll make a difference to it whatever you do.

    As for photos, last one = ♥. And the apples one also :)


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